Colorbar Stay the Day Finishing Mist Review

imgIf you are living in Delhi and often attend weddings in this scorching heat, you would know the state of oiliness on the face and makeup meltdown. But, worry not! Today I have come to share a product with you guys which would help your makeup survive this dilli ki garmi!

Actually this is a multi-purpose product and can be used in more than 1 way. But first lets discuss about the primary features:

What Colorbar Says:

This product does two jobs. A toner that keeps your skin hydrated, refreshed and calm. And a hydrating mist that sets and refreshes your favorite makeup to make it last longer. Energized with ‘Witch Hazel Water’ this product has anti-bacterial properties.


Price: Rs. 850/- for 100 ml



Packaging: the mist comes in a long cylindrical bottle with a spray nozzle. Simple no fuss packaging. The cap shuts tightly, thus making it travel friendly. The spray nozzle works well and sprays evenly.


What I think:

I generally use a full coverage foundation by MAC (review coming up soon) which can be really non-forgiving on dry patches and little less blending makes it look cackey. My sole purpose for buying this mist was to take away the powdery cackey look of the makeup but when I started using it I realized it has lot more to it.

How I use it:

  1. I generally spray 2 full pumps on moisturized skin before makeup. This works as a good primer and moisturizes the skin further.
  2. I also use this to moisten my makeup brushes for better blending of foundation and colour enhancement of eyeshadows.
  3. 2 pumps sprayed evenly on full makeup brings a nice glow onto the skin and seals the makeup for long.

When sprayed onto the face, it leaves a bit sticky feeling on touching, like chip-chip but it does not look oily at all nor does it make my oily skin an oil factory.

Makeup once set with this, easily lasts for 6-7 hours with no fading of blusher also.

As per colorbar this can be used as a toner also but I think only by dry skinned gals. I never tried doing this.

freshly sprayed!

freshly sprayed!

Best Features:

  1. Pump works well.
  2. Sprays evenly
  3. Can be used in multiple ways
  4. Enhances the longevity of makeup
  5. Works as primer also

Not so Best Features:

  1. Bit expensive for the quantity given
  2. Feels a bit sticky on fresh application

Rating: 4/5


Do I Recommend: See this is not something which you actually need need in your life. This depends on person to person. I am toh hooked to it now but only for full coverage thick foundations which can be a bit tricky to use. Else it is purely a personal need based decision.


10 thoughts on “Colorbar Stay the Day Finishing Mist Review

  1. I didn’t know such a product existed in Colorbar!!! Definitely checking it out the next time πŸ˜€

  2. Good review…The SA tried to sell this mist to me during my last visit to Colorbar counter but I was a bit skeptical. Plus my Fix + is not over yet. From your review it seems a good purchase. Next time I am gonna buy this (of course because its much cheaper than MAC one :))

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