Rimmel London Exaggerate Eyeliner- Deep Ocean Review, Swatches, EOTD


I have naturally brown eyes and I feel truly blessed for same. All colors of eyeliners look good on my eyes especially the blues, greens and purples. For work, I especially enjoy the black or dark blue because they look beautiful and subtle both. Today I have brought for you guys, a beautiful royal/navy blue coloured waterproof eyeliner from Rimmel London.


What Rimmel London Says:

Glide-on full color definition! Soft creamy texture in a retractable pencil with built-in smudger for subtle blending and sharpener for high precision line Waterproof formula for up to 10 hours long lasting wear Choose your shade from creamy matte to high metallic, all so intensely pigmented Dermatologist & ophthalmologist tested.

Price: Rs. 315/-

Packaging: the eyeliner comes in a retractable pencil with an attached smudger and sharpener. I always prefer retractable pencils as there is less product wastage. The pencil is slim and cap shuts properly. Each eyeliner pencil is color coded, hence easy to identify in your stash (unlike lakme eyeconics).


Shade: Deep Ocean is a beautiful dark royal/navy blue shade and looks really flattering on my fair skin. It’s a matte shade sans any sheen and shimmer, hence work appropriate.

Texture: here this eyeliner scores full points. I have not tried a pencil eyeliner smoother than this. Really!!! The texture is a dream… its so buttery and soft, thus glides easily on the eyelids. Super awesome!


Pigmentation: scores well hereto. The pigmentation is bang on! You get the actual color in 1 swipe itself. I always use 2-3 swipes to make it smoother and color to pop more.


Final Thoughts:

How much so ever I adore this eyeliner, I still use it very less. Reason- it smudges. Yess!!!! Not smudgingly smudges but it travels to my lower eyelid within an hour or so and I have to keep wiping my lower eyelid regularly when m wearing this. Which I obviously don’t prefer. Otherwise it stays put the entire day and does not lose its intensity at all. This might also be because I have oily lids.


Once put on the upper eyelid, the eyeliner stays put whole day and is water proof also but in case you touch it even slightly it smudges. On the waterline, it smudges within an hour of application, irrespective of you touch or not.I think this is because of its super soft smooth texture.

The tip can be sharpened with this inbuilt sharpener.

The tip can be sharpened with this inbuilt sharpener.

Best Features:

  1. Beautiful shade of blue
  2. Superbly pigmented
  3. Buttery smooth texture
  4. Retractable pencil so less wastage
  5. Comes with its own smudger and sharpener
  6. inexpensive

Not so Best Features:

  1. Smudges on my eyelids


Rating: 3/5 (-2 only because it travels to lower lid)

Do I Recommend: personally no because it smudged on my lids but I have read its reviews and no one complained so about it, so you can basically give it a try and see for yourself! Personally I would not like to buy another shade in this.


9 thoughts on “Rimmel London Exaggerate Eyeliner- Deep Ocean Review, Swatches, EOTD

  1. Hey Monica! I have the same color from Rimmel in my kitty and believe me it doesn’t smudge on me.. If I accidentally scratch my lids then only I get some color on my fingers but it really doesn’t budge !*

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