The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector Review, Swatches

TBS Hemp Hand Protector-1

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector Review

First of all, sorry for being MIA for so long. Initially the birth of my niece and then a new job, all of these kept me so occupied that I just couldn’t sit and write. But now, I promise I’ll be more regular here.

Since the winters have started to descend here in Delhi, I thought what better than to start with the review of this my HG hand cream which has been a regular in my hand bag throughout the season.

What The Body Shop Says:

Our best-selling Hemp Hand Protector helps soften and protect hands. It is dermatologically tested for very dry skin and contains Community Trade hemp seed oil. • Relieves very dry skin • Restores moisture and suppleness

TBS Hemp Hand Protector-2

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector Review

Price: Rs. 425 for 30 ml

Packaging: it comes in a metallic tube with a screw top cap. I am not a fan of metallic type tubes because they tend to lose their shape from the first use itself and then start looking not that good. I would have loved a plastic tube which may have looked same forever.


TBS Hemp Hand Protector-5

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector Review


Detailed Review:

This has been my go to hand cream for this winters. I bought it somewhere around October and have been using it religiously since then. The consistency is thicker than all other fruity hand creams that TBS has and thus is perfect for very dry to dry hands. Now I have very dry hands and have to use this atleast 2-3 times a day to keep my hands nourished and supple.

TBS Hemp Hand Protector-7

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector Review

Despite being thick, this spreads easily and absorbs completely within a minute or so. Since I have very dry skin, it does not give me sweaty palms or a greasy layer. Since its thick in consistency, I use it on my dry heels as well and it works well there too.

It has a sort of weird medicinal smell which might bother sensitive noses but I am fine with it. Also, it does not linger for long, so not an issue.

Since only a pea size is required for every use, a little goes a long way, so is pretty cost effective as well.

Best Features:

  1. Perfect consistency for dry hands
  2. Keeps hands moisturized for hours
  3. Works for dry heels too
  4. Does not give that greasy layer
  5. A little goes a long way

Not So Best Features:

  1. Metallic tube loses its shape from 1st use itself.
TBS Hemp Hand Protector-8

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector Review

Rating: 4/5

Do I Recommend: Definitely for dry hands and heels. Every TBS store also has a Flat 50% off section wherein products which are 6-7 months near expiry are sold. See if you can get it there or even at its full price, its not expensive. I’ll definitely repurchase.


8 thoughts on “The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector Review, Swatches

  1. Hey! I have 2 hand creams from TBS but I don’t find them up to the mark for winters atleast! I Wish I picked this one instead of those two!

  2. My hands keep dry a lot these days..I am definitely trying this out.However just like you I am also not a huge fan of metallic tubes

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