Panasonic India Showcases its Beauty and Grooming Range for Women

So recently I was, among other bloggers, invited to this bloggers meet at Panasonic India’s HO in Gurgaon. the entire grooming range, both for men and women were showcased there and let me tell you all, the brand does have some really cool products to offer. I was especially smitten with their pocket range which has like a mini battery operated shaver, eyelash curler, nail filer among other things. I was give the 4-in-1 hair styler for review and will come back with its review soon, once I have had the hang of the product. in the meantime, you  guys can go through the women beauty and grooming range which Panasonic has to offer.

About Panasonic India:

  • A premiere manufacturer of beauty and grooming products, Panasonic India unveils its new array of personal care and grooming products for the everywoman
  • Panasonic’s haircare, skincare, and bodycare products are designed for luxury at-home and even on-the-go
  • From patented nanoe™ hairdressing tools to compact electronic grooming devices, Panasonic’s cutting-edge technology is the power behind it all


The major product line being offered is as follows:

Highpower Hair Dryer EH-ND 6

hair dryer

2000W powerful wind for quick drying, with a unique ring-nozzle design that concentrates airflow pressure.

Unbelievably lightweight, slim and compact for a high-power dryer, weighing in at 375g with a foldable travel handle.

With three wind settings customizing hot & cold temperatures with strong & gentle speeds for your hairstyling needs.

2-in1 Hair Straightner & Curler EH-HV 20


Specially designed for speedy straightening, easy curling, and long-lasting styles while being gentle on your hair

105mm uniform-heat distribution plate with 3 different heat settings upto 230° and 15 second heat up

Colour care photoceramic coated plate for colour-fading prevention

2-in-1 Hair Styler EH-KA 42

4 in 1

Styling while drying, the two-way device comes with four versatile attachments

The siliconized brush, slim roller brush, blow dry brush and nozzle can be used interchangeably to deliver voluminous waves or smooth curls at 650W

Panasonic Pocket Series

pocket series

A luxurious set of travel size grooming products, Panasonic’s pocket series is exclusively designed for the girl on-the-go. Just slip any of these products into your purse or cosmetics case for that perfect last-minute finish.

  • Heated Eyelash Curler EH-SE 60 rotates 360° to create a natural or well defined curl, while the gentle heat locks it into place. Separating lashes without crimping, the comb can be used with or without mascara.
  • Electric ES-WC 20 Nail Polisher gives professional level nail care at-home in a sleek design. With four accessories – shaping file, buffer, polisher, and cuticle care – to give your nails a beautiful, natural gloss.
  • ES-WR 40 Precision Body Shaver has a dual position blade which flips into horizontal and vertical mode for usage in any direction. Perfect for fine detailing for hard-to-reach spots. With dry shaving technology for a quick touch-up without any gel, foam, or water necessary.

Nano Spa Quality Facial Steamer EH-SA 31

face steamer

Enjoy relaxing, spa-quality facials for your at-home quick spa with nano-sized particle ionic steam

Quickly remove make-up, dirt and excess oil with deep-pore cleansing moisture

Use daily for smoother, softer skin and easier make-up application

Compact, stylish design complements bathroom or make-up décor

Dual steam therapy options, with options of 3 (half) to 6 (full) minutes

Handheld All-Body Rolling Massager EV2510-K

With three roller and vibration systems to offer a relaxed all-body massage with a portable design ideal for stress relief while travelling

Soothe hard-to-reach lower, middle and upper back areas with this special elbow-angled design


2 thoughts on “Panasonic India Showcases its Beauty and Grooming Range for Women

  1. The facial steamer is something all makeup lovers should have. it cleanses and moisturizes your skin at the same time. Lovely post.

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