NYX Single Shadow in Black/Noir- Review, Swatch, EOTD

NYX Single Shadow in Black/Noir- Review

NYX Single Shadow in Black/Noir- Review

All of us here would know how difficult it is to find that perfect black eyeshadow which is pigmented, soft, blendable etc. etc. and it takes lot of effort, market research (waste of money on wrong purchases) 😛 to get your customized black eyeshadow. This is my first single eyeshadow and I have to admit that I have been stuck to this like a chumbak now! This is the perfect black eyeshadow I could get. My priced possession.

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NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder- Dark Brown Review, EOTD

20150709_213252-1-1I have always had scarce brows since beginning but never really tried any eyebrow pencil/powder. Once, in school time I did use black pencil on my brows and scared everyone around (yeah! I actually did look scary). Years later, now, thanks to this world of beauty blogging and youtube gurus I learned the technique of filling the eyebrows and the golden rule thereof. GOLDEN RULE is- don’t ever ever fill your brows with black pencil/powder. It looks very stark and into the face type. Always use- light brown if you’re fair and dark brown if you’re medium or above, it look very natural and not at all made up. So this was the gyaan of the day. Continue reading